Bitcoin, for those who do not already know, is the first global digital currency that came into circulation since 2009. Excels significantly compared to the "traditional" methods of payment on speed, convenience, security, much lower transaction costs and protection of personal data of those who choose to use it in their dealings. Transactions are being made between two parties only, no bank or any third party can interfere with them and are fair. The most important advantage is that there is no central authority to issue, to oversee and eventually to manipulate and use it as a weapon, as Bitcoin is issued (the actual term is "mined") by users themselves, without interference from governments or banks.

Bitcoin exchange rate, in real-time:


Gravvanis IT Services having realized the important role of Bitcoin for the global economy, closely followed developments since 2009 and has created and maintains one of the first digital currency mining farms in Greece since 2011, while promoting and encouraging their use.

The infrastructure created worldwide is so massive that we do firmly believe this is the future of transactions. What you already knew so far, is already obsolete. Currently, there are exchanges that operate based on Bitcoin, hundreds of electronic and physical exchange bureaus and thousands of ATMs. Digital currency users are able to use Bitcoin debit cards that function normally as Visa or Mastercard, receive loans, finance and repay debts, as well as to perform simple daily transactions with digital currencies.

For more information regarding Bitcoin and also to find out which e-wallet suits your needs, visit the official website.