Total Business Support

Having over than 20 years of experience in offering IT Services and Technical Support, we offer fast, reliable and cost effective solutions for businesses and organizations in Greece.

We envisage and aim to provide high quality integrated technical support and consulting services, ensuring smooth and trouble-free operation of your business. Additionally we offer reliable and quality solutions, with products of all known manufacturers, covering any requirement you may have, along with the widest range of peripherals, consumables and spare parts.

With a qualitative approach to meeting the Customer's needs always in our mind, we choose from a wide range of high quality function and usability products, always offering the most efficient solution. To achieve this goal, the company cooperates with the majority of known manufacturers in the field of equipment and operating systems, as well as with distinguished Greek manufacturers of software applications.

By dedicating the experience and expertise of our staff and partners to you and based on our skilled and well-organized technical department, we are able to provide high quality technical support services regardless of the supplier of your equipment. Our objective is not to commit you by just buying some product, but to offer you fast and high quality services that will keep you focused where it matters more - your business.


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