Internet Services

We started providing hosting services in 1998, almost simultaneously with the engagement of the company into installing and maintaining software for businesses and since then, much has changed. We were fortunate enough to have worked with people who had vision and could see far beyond their time (Godspeed my friend Thomas, wherever you are), so the services that we provided during the past 20 years are now considered "innovative "and pompously advertised.

Our services do not just stand in providing domain names, hosting packages, email addresses or constructing your website or e-shop: we provide connectivity of your entire enterprise or organization to the Internet and the main benefits are the extremely low communications costs, combined with VoIP services and the full automation in managing online ordering, your warehouse, customer base and billing, because the website or e-shop communicates interactively with the ERP software used by the company. Yes, we provide automatic order reception, customer registration and process any data from/to the internet automatically, without the need to send email, no need for "syncing" procedures and implementing electronic and paperless billing automatically, at least since 2000 and onwards. The site is just a piece of the ERP software implemented by the company.

We have to clarify that we consciously avoid mass hosting of websites or e-shops, as this would be detrimental to the services provided. Every business and every customer is treated as a unique case because of the need to dedicate time and efforts to each and every one of them.

Of course, in case you are just interested in the hosting costs, we provide everything that every other company provides, at a starting cost of 5,00 € / month (plus VAT), charged as an annual fee (minimum 60,00 € plus VAT, if applicable) which is scaled depending on your requirements.

Note: we do not provide hosting services in conjunction with ERP / Business software to companies abroad or businesses not based in Greece. All software packages are targeted to the Greek market only.

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