Our company provides specialized software for any business or organization, regardless of size and with absolutely no restriction on the number of users. Along with the software, we provide the installation, debugging, data transfer from any previous application, training your staff to its usage, and the subsequent software maintenance and upgrading.

We are covering the specialized needs of vertical markets, including:
 Commercial enterprises
Schools - Educational organizations
 Fitness - Sports Centres
 Beauty salons
 Restaurants - Coffee Shops - Bars
 Catering - Delivery
 Courier Companies
 Parking - Lubricating Vehicles
 Gas Stations
 Bookstores - Stationery
 Optical Shops
 Agriculturists - Pesticides
 Gold Buyers - Pawnshops
 Clubs - Associations - Unions
 Building cleaning companies - issuing communal expenses
 Auto / Moto Garages - bodywork - spare parts
 Dry - Carpet cleaners
 Real estate agents
 Travel Agencies

We are also offering:
 ERP & Cloud Applications
 intensive Retail
 Wireless Ordering
 Personnel Control
 Payroll Software
 Accounting Software

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