Voice over IP Services

The Voice over IP, or VoIP or Internet telephony, features a group of protocols / technologies, offering voice chat in real time with very good quality and virtually no or very low cost. These services are mostly aimed at companies making a large number of outgoing calls and mobile professionals or frequent travelers.

We offer complete VoIP telephony services through the SIP protocol to businesses and organizations and can provide all the equipment needed. With VoIP services you can:
call any destination worldwide, fixed or mobile, at very low prices, easy and qualitative
receive calls to your number wherever you are
make video calls at no extra cost
transfer your number from another provider and convert it into VoIP number
talk with best quality with minimal delay in communication
send and receive FAX reliable with equipment that supports the protocol T.38
accept incoming fax as an attached PDF file
receive a detailed account of all the calls you made
talk with other users of the service free of charge
get a Virtual Call Center (vPBX) and get rid of the acquisition and maintenance costs

VoIP services are available through:
all smart mobile phones (smartphones / tablets)
computers (Windows, Mac & Linux)
VoIP phones
classic telephones (VoIP Adaptor SIP ATA)
SIP Enabled Call Centers

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